Mini-Nubian Goats
The miniature Nubian Dairy Goat is the result
of a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf buck
and a Nubian doe.   The goats maintain the
looks, high percentage butterfat content,
and  mild flavored milk of the Nubian in
combination with the smaller size of the

In height, the Miniature Nubian falls between
the standard Nubian and the Nigerian Dwarf.
Mini-Nubian Goat does normally stand from
22-25 inches at the withers and weigh under
100 pounds.   Bucks can be larger with a
height up to 27 inches and weigh under 135

As one of its most distinctive features, the
Miniature Nubian maintains the long drooping
ears of the Nubian. They also possess the
Nubian's docile temperament, sweet
disposition, and wonderful milk
characteristics. Miniature Nubian Goats have
an average milk production of 1525 pounds
in 305 days; that is about 5 pounds or 2
quarts of milk daily. Although small, they are
dairy goats with production capacity and
teats long enough to get your hands on.

The Miniature Nubian is an experimental breed
registered through the International Dairy
Goat Registry (IDGR) and the Miniature Dairy
Goat Association (MDGA).   A nicely
conformed Miniature Nubian should have a
long body, a wide escutcheon for good
udder attachment, a wide rib cage for
carrying kids, a straight top line, a slightly
roman looking nose and long pendulous ears

Miniature Nubians come in a wide range of
colors and patterns. They are friendly,
hardy, medium size utilitarians that provide a
lot of very healthy milk for their size and
unparalleled brush and weed control.  Kids
grow quickly and although they are not
used for meat much, extra buck kids still make
good meat. The Miniature Nubian Goat
provides a little something for everyone and
is ideal for landowners who are attempting
to produce their own food on just a few