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Welcome to Cascade Meadows Farm!  We are a small 40 acre permaculture-based small-farm homestead
nestled in the foothills of Oregon’s beautiful Cascade Mountain Range.  We are located near Sandy,
Oregon about 20 miles East of the City of Portland, Oregon near Mt. Hood, close to a national wilderness
area.  We have the perfect combination of highly compatible heritage livestock breeds and plants to help
us be self-sustainable in as natural of an environment as possible.  Each animal and plant on the farm has
a serious and important working role.  We have tons of working homesteading and permaculture
experience in the Northwest and we love to share our knowledge and our genetics with others.  Contact
us for any questions, or contact us to schedule a visit to our farm.
A Permaculture-Based Small-Farm  Homestead  
Cascade Meadows Farm  
Dexter Cattle - These delightful and friendly small heritage cattle from
Ireland provide excellent high-quality grass-fed beef and milk, while
mowing our pastures. Cows and bulls are very friendly and compact and
easy to keep for beginners. Cascade Meadows Farm has the highest
quality genetically hornless (polled) Dexters available (both red, and black),
tested free from all genetic problems.  We select our Dexters to be compact
and very hardy and trouble-free.  We happily teach beginners how easy it
is to keep these small friendly trouble-free cattle.  We have the most
extensive polled herd in the west and we have tons of experience.  We
regularly have some excellent stock available for sale.   Read more about
Dexter Cattle.
American Guinea Hogs - These VERY friendly compact heritage farm pigs
are easy to manage and they recycle leftover farm produce/kitchen scraps
and provide excellent pork for the table and lard for cooking - they graze
grass and clover all day long and rarely root if grazing is available.  We
couldn't run our farm without them.  These hardy hogs require no shots, no
chemicals, no deworming. Male guinea hogs raised for meat do not need to
be castrated.  It's very easy to keep a breeding pair and to provide your
family with a constant supply of the best pork you've ever tasted.   Our farm
helped rescue this breed from near extinction over a decade ago, and we
happily teach others to raise these important animals.  We always have
some excellent stock for sale.  Read more about
American Guinea Hogs.
All of our pure-breeds have been selected for their manageable sizes and simplicity, grazing abilities,
friendly dispositions, natural disease and parasite resistance, compatibility with each other, and their
excellent outputs.  You've never tasted better beef, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, eggs, milk, apples,
plums, blueberries, hazelnuts than we have on our farm and our Icelandic wool is beautiful and useful.  

Our animals do all of our mowing and weeding for us and we  provide them with  a natural, cage-free,
chemical free, humane environment. We utilize multi-species,  intensive, rotational grazing to improve
the quality of our pastures. Our livestock are regularly moved to  fresh pasture and lead natural, happy
lives.  Because of their moderate sizes and excellent dispositions, they are easy keepers meeting all/much
of their requirements from  clover, grass, and hay and  they are very easy on the land.

In return for the quality lives we help provide our animals, they provide us and our customers with high
quality free-range pasture raised eggs, chicken meat, turkey, grass fed beef, lamb, pork, and beautiful
Icelandic wool.  Our animals also provide us with superior breeding stock to share with other farmers
and small landholders.  

We love sharing our experience and knowledge with others, send us an email, text, or call to schedule a
visit or to just ask questions.   
We're in Northwest Oregon, but Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and California aren't
too far away.
Cascade Meadows Farm
White Plymouth Rock Chickens - Fantastic locally raised and locally hatched
dual-purpose heritage chicken breed from the 1800's.  Friendly roosters have
excellent flavorful meat carcases, while hens are terrific year-round layers of
large brown eggs.   These white chickens are much easier and faster to pluck
than colored chickens and provide a much nicer carcass.   This hardy old breed
is healthy and cold resistant and heat resistant.  This is the PERFECT chicken
breed for small farms and homesteads.   We have hatched our own chicks for
generations.  We can provide you with a starter flock.   Read more about
White Plymouth Rock Chickens
White Holland Turkeys - Very old original heritage white turkey breed.  
Aztecs raised them many hundreds of years ago in Central America, then in
the 1500's European explorers took some to Europe where they became
popular in Holland, then they were brought to North America by European
settlers.   These heritage turkeys are very calm and friendly and they will lay
and hatch their own eggs (unlike industrial broad breasted varieties).    These
heritage white turkeys are much easier and faster to pluck than colored
turkeys and provide a much nicer carcass.  The flavor of these turkeys is
incredibly rich due to their slower growth.  Healthy and cold resistant and heat
resistant.  This is the PERFECT heritage turkey breed for small farms and
homesteads.   We can provide you with a starter flock.   Read more about
White Holland Turkeys